Hybrid Proceedings

Most types of business now have speakers' lists. Members who are on a speakers’ list to take part in a hybrid proceeding remotely will be contacted directly with the link to join that proceeding.

In light of the current public health advice and the limited capacity in the Chamber, it will be assumed that Members will take part in hybrid proceedings remotely unless they indicate otherwise. If, after signing up to speak, Members wish to take part in a proceeding from the Chamber, they should email holgovernmentwhips@parliament.uk copying in their own Whips’/Convenor’s office. This must still be in advance of the speakers' list closing for that item of business. If there are more Members wishing to take part physically than there are spaces in the Chamber it will be for each individual party/group to determine which of their Members make the final speakers' list.

Speakers' lists for debates can be found here. Speakers' lists for oral questions, statements, PNQs and UQs can be found here. You can also click on the relevant section of the menu bar towards the top of this page.

The full Procedure Committee Guidance on hybrid proceedings can be found here.

Today's List(s)

A PDF version of Today's List is available here.




[Notes about this document are set out at the end]


Hybrid Proceedings at 1pm

Prayers by the Bishop of Worcester (p) (5 mins)


Oral Questions (40 mins)

* Baroness Cox to ask Her Majesty’s Government what assessment they have made of the report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for International Freedom of Religion or Belief, Nigeria: unfolding genocide?, published on 15 June.  (Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon, FCO) (p)

Speakers following Baroness Cox’s supplementary question:

Abp Canterbury

L Farmer

L Curry of Kirkharle

L Anderson of Swansea (p)

  5          B Northover

L Polak (p)

L Collins of Highbury (p)

L Alton of Liverpool (p)

B Stroud

10          B Smith of Newnham


* Lord Allen of Kensington to ask Her Majesty's Government what steps they are taking to provide financial support to retail businesses which have been categorised as ‘undertakings in difficulty’ under European Union State Aid rules, and are unable to access support under the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme; and what assessment they have made of the effectiveness of any financial support that they have provided to such businesses.  (Lord Callanan, BEIS) (p)

Speakers following Lord Allen’s supplementary question:

B McIntosh of Pickering (p)

L Loomba

L Stevenson of Balmacara

B Burt of Solihull (p)

  5          L Mackenzie of Framwellgate

B Warsi

L Holmes of Richmond (p)

L Cotter (p)

B Wheatcroft

10          L Dholakia (p)


* Lord Balfe to ask Her Majesty’s Government what guidance they have issued since the end of May 2020 to hospitals, General Practitioners and other health care providers about giving appropriate treatment to different patient age groups.  (Lord Bethell, DHSC) (p)

Speakers following Lord Balfe’s  supplementary question:

L Hunt of Kings Heath

B Walmsley

B Altmann (p)

B Finlay of Llandaff

  5          B Wheeler (p)

L Rennard (p)

L McCrea of Magherafelt and Cookstown

B Gardner of Parkes

B Greengross (p)

10          B Uddin (p)


* Lord Ramsbotham to ask Her Majesty’s Government how many probation staff will be needed to implement the Probation Workforce Strategy published on 30 July 2020.  (Baroness Scott of Bybrook, MoJ) (p)

Speakers following Lord Ramsbotham’s supplementary question:

L Judd

B Bennett of Manor Castle

L Kirkhope of Harrogate

L German (p)

  5          L Hunt of Wirral

L Woolf

L Falconer of Thoroton

L Thomas of Gresford

L Laming

  10        B Redfern


Oral Statement at a convenient time after 2:00pm

Baroness Scott of Bybrook (p) will answer questions on the ‘Sentencing White Paper’ Statement

Frontbench speakers (20 minutes):

L Falconer of Thoroton (p)

    L Thomas of Gresford (p)


Backbench speakers (20 minutes):

L Woolf

L Davies of Gower (p)

B Blackstone (p)

L German (p)

5          L Carlile of Berriew (p)

B Neville-Rolfe

B Whitaker

L Paddick (p)

L Berkeley of Knighton

10        L Morris of Aberavon

L Beith

L Bhatia

L Browne of Ladyton


Main Business

At a convenient point after 2:45pm

Counter-Terrorism and Sentencing Bill – Second Reading – Baroness Williams of Trafford (p)

Advisory backbench speaking time:   5 minutes


L Parkinson of Whitley Bay (p)

L Falconer of Thoroton (p)

L Paddick (p)

L Kirkhope of Harrogate

5          L Thomas of Cwmgiedd

B Chakrabarti (p)

B Hamwee (p)

L Vaizey of Didcot (Maiden & p)

L Risby (p)

10        Bp Manchester (Maiden)

L Ramsbotham

L Morris of Aberavon

B Prashar

B Bennett of Manor Castle

15        L Sheikh

L Bhatia

L Anderson of Ipswich (p)

L Hunt of Kings Heath (p)
L Garnier

20        B Jones of Moulsecoomb

            L Carlile of Berriew (p)

L Mann (p)

L Judge (p)


L Thomas of Gresford (p)

25        L Ponsonby of Shulbrede (p)

            B Williams of Trafford (p)


  • commitment motion – Baroness Williams of Trafford


Oral Statement at a convenient time after 6.30pm

Lord Bethell (p) will answer questions on the ‘Covid-19 Update’ statement

Frontbench speakers (20 minutes):

B Thornton (p)

B Barker (p)



Backbench speakers (30 minutes):

L Patel

L Ribeiro

L Young of Norwood Green

B Walmsley

5          L Kakkar (p)

L Randall of Uxbridge

B Donaghy

L Taylor of Goss Moor

B Finlay of Llandaff

10        L Rogan

            L Rooker

L Willis of Knaresborough

L Craig of Radley

B Wheatcroft

15        B Massey of Darwen

            L Addington (p)

V Waverley

L Truscott (p)

            B Andrews

20        B Uddin


Estimated rising time

The House is expected to rise at approximately 7:30pm.


Business in Grand Committee in Room 2A at 2.30pm


Lord Whitty to move that this House takes note of the Report from the European Union Committee Brexit: road, rail and maritime transport (39th Report, Session 2017–19, HL Paper 355).  (Time-limited to 3 hours)


L Whitty

L Bradshaw

L Blencathra (p)

B Donaghy

5          L Bourne of Aberystwyth

B Wheatcroft

B McIntosh of Pickering

B Ritchie of Downpatrick

L Lansley (p)

10        L Berkeley


B Scott of Needham Market

L Tunnicliffe

B Vere of Norbiton (p)

            L Whitty


Except for Lord Whitty (15 mins), Baroness Vere of Norbiton (20 mins), all speeches are limited to 12 minutes



Estimated Rising Time

The Grand Committee is expected to rise at around 5:30pm.



  • This document sets out the matters for the day’s business which the Government Whips’ Office coordinates: Speakers’ Lists (Companion 4.26), ministerial statements (Companion 6.02) and the grouping of amendments (Companion 8.70).
  • Time estimates are best endeavours: there is no certainty other than for formally time-limited business. It is the duty of individual members to observe the rules on attendance at debate (Companion 4.32) and, in particular, to ensure that they are present for the start of business in which they wish to take part.
  • The number of sessions shown for a stage of a bill represents the Government’s assessment of reasonable time given the balance of bills and remaining days to the likely end of the session. Progress remains in the hands of the House. Report stage is usually half the length of Committee.
  • The grouping of amendments is informal. Although every effort is made to secure agreement to groupings, any peer may speak to an amendment in its place on the Marshalled List. “g” before an amendment indicates a Government amendment.
  • Speaking in debates (Companion 4.34): A member of the House who is taking part in a debate (including general debates and debates on amendments or motions) should attend the start, end and greater part of that debate. In addition, it is considered discourteous for members not to be present for at least the opening speeches, the speeches before and after their own, ad for the winding-up speeches.  Ministers may decide not to answer, orally or in writing, points made by a speaker who does not stay to hear the Minister's closing speech. Members who believe that they are unlikely to be able to stay until the end of a debate should not seek to participate in it (and if the debate has a speakers' list, should remove their names from the list).


Monday 21 September 2020



Estimated Rising Time:

The House is expected to rise at approximately 7:30pm

Grand Committee:
The Grand Committee is expected to rise at around 5:30pm.


Oral Statement:

Baroness Scott of Bybrook (p) will answer questions on the ‘Sentencing White Paper’ Statement


Oral Statement:

Lord Bethell (p) will answer questions on the ‘Covid-19 Update’ statement