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Week beginning Monday 15 July 2024
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Friday 19 July 2024

The King’s Speech (Day 2 of 6) – adjourned debate on the motion for an Humble Address. It is expected that the principal topics for debate will be Creating Opportunities: Education, Early Years and Health Care

The debate on the Humble Address is a single debate taken over six days.  Each member may speak once in the debate, on one of the days.  There will be a separate speakers’ list for each day.

This list will close at 6pm on Wednesday 17 July

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This list is now closed. View the ordered speakers' list (when it’s ready) here.
Physical Speakers (55) in alphabetical order:
  • L Aberdare
  • L Addington
  • B Andrews
  • L Baker of Dorking
  • 5 B Barran
  • B Berridge
  • L Bird
  • B Blower
  • L Brooke of Alverthorpe
  • 10 B Bull
  • E Clancarty
  • B Coussins
  • E Effingham
  • L Evans of Rainow
  • 15 L Faulkner of Worcester
  • B Finlay of Llandaff
  • B Fraser of Craigmaddie
  • B Garden of Frognal
  • B Greenfield
  • 20 L Griffiths of Burry Port
  • B Hollins
  • L Jamieson
  • B Jolly
  • L Kempsell
  • 25 L Knight of Weymouth
  • E Leicester
  • L Lexden
  • Bp Lincoln
  • B Lister of Burtersett
  • 30 Bp London
  • B McIntosh of Hudnall
  • B Merron (Minister)
  • B Meyer
  • B Monckton of Dallington Forest  (Maiden)
  • 35 B Morgan of Drefelin
  • B Morris of Yardley
  • L Murphy of Torfaen
  • B Nicholson of Winterbourne
  • Bp Oxford
  • 40 L Patel
  • B Pitkeathley
  • L Prentis of Leeds
  • B Ramsey of Wall Heath
  • L Sharkey
  • 45 L Storey
  • B Tyler of Enfield
  • L Vaizey of Didcot
  • B Walmsley
  • B Watkins of Tavistock
  • 50 L Watson of Invergowrie
  • B Whitaker
  • L Willetts
  • B Wolf of Dulwich
  • L Wrottesley
  • 55 L Young of Norwood Green

Week beginning Monday 15 July 2024

Friday 19 July 2024


The House is expected to rise at around 3.40pm.