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Business in the Chamber at 11.00am

Prayers by the Bishop of Rochester (5 mins)



            Baroness Featherstone and Lord Hague of Richmond will be introduced.


Oral questions (30 mins)

* Lord Holmes of Richmond to ask Her Majesty’s Government what assessment they have made of when 100 per cent of the United Kingdom population will be able to enjoy the benefits of reliable superfast broadband. (Baroness Neville-Rolfe, DCMS)

* Lord Beecham to ask Her Majesty’s Government what assessment they have made of the provision of food banks at, and the distribution of food to people in need by, NHS hospitals. (Lord Prior of Brampton, CO)

* Lord Campbell-Savours to ask Her Majesty’s Government what further consideration they are giving to introducing national identity cards. (Lord Bates, HO)

* Baroness Helic to ask Her Majesty’s Government what are the implications for the United Kingdom strategy in Syria of the shooting down of the Russian plane by Turkish forces. (Baroness Anelay of St Johns, FCO)


Oral Statement repeat

Immediately after the formal motions Baroness Stowell of Beeston will repeat a statement entitled ‘Response to FAC report on Syria’.


Business expected to be brief

            Business of the House motion – Baroness Stowell of Beeston         

Order of Consideration motion – Baroness Evans of Bowes Park

Order of Consideration motion – Lord Nash


Main business

Baroness Deech to move that this House takes note of the protection of freedom of speech in universities. (Time-limited to 2½ hours)



B Deech

L Patten

B Warwick of Undercliffe

B Garden of Frognal

5          B Butler-Sloss

L O'Shaughnessy (Maiden Speech)

L Leigh of Hurley

L Pannick

Bp Ely

10        L Trevethin and Oaksey (Maiden Speech)

L Brown of Eaton-under-Heywood

L Polak

L Hastings of Scarisbrick

B Bakewell

15        L Singh of Wimbledon

L Lester of Herne Hill

L Skidelsky

L Cormack

L Bew

20        L Judd

L Blair of Boughton


B Sharp of Guildford

L Mendelsohn

B Evans of Bowes Park

25        B Deech


Except for Baroness Deech (15 minutes), Lord Mendelsohn and Baroness Sharp of Guildford (10 minutes) and Baroness Evans of Bowes Park (20 minutes), all speeches are limited to 4 minutes.


Topical Question for Short debate

Baroness Mobarik to ask the Her Majesty’s Government, in the light of the attacks in Paris on 13 November, what steps they plan to take to foster links between communities, as part of their counter-terrorism strategy. (Time-limited to 60 minutes)



B Mobarik

L Harris of Haringey

B Hussein-Ece

B Eaton

5          Bp Rochester

L Sheikh

L Stone of Blackheath

L Suri


B Hamwee

10        L Kennedy of Southwark

L Ahmad of Wimbledon


Except for Baroness Mobarik (10 minutes) and Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon (12 minutes), all speeches are limited to 4 minutes.


Last business

Lord Crisp to move that this House takes note of the case for building a health-creating society in the United Kingdom where all sectors contribute to creating a healthy and resilient population. (Time-limited to 2½ hours)



L Crisp

B Jay of Paddington

B Williams of Crosby

B Campbell of Surbiton

5          B Redfern (Maiden Speech)

L Best

B Masham of Ilton

L Foster of Bath (Maiden Speech)

L Alton of Liverpool

10        Bp Bristol

B Lane-Fox of Soho

L Smith of Hindhead (Maiden Speech)

L Fowler

B Flather

15        B Neuberger

L Rea

E Listowel

L Mawson


B Walmsley

20        L Hunt of Kings Heath

L Prior of Brampton

L Crisp


Except for Lord Crisp (15 minutes), Lord Hunt of Kings Heath and Baroness Walmsley (10 minutes) and the Lord Prior of Brampton (20 minutes), all speeches are limited to 5 minutes.


Estimated rising time

The House is expected to rise at 7.00pm.



  • This document sets out the matters for the day’s business which the Government Whips’ Office coordinates: Speakers’ Lists (Companion 4.26), ministerial statements (Companion 6.02) and the grouping of amendments (Companion 8.70). It is not the formal order paper, which is produced by the Clerk of the Parliaments and is available from the Printed Paper Office and
  • Speaking in debates (Companion 4.34): A member of the House who is taking part in a debate (including general debates and debates on amendments or motions) should attend the start, end and greater part of that debate. In addition, it is considered discourteous for members not to be present for at least the opening speeches, the speeches before and after their own, and for the winding-up speeches. Ministers may decide not to answer, orally or in writing, points made by a speaker who does not stay to hear the minister's closing speech. Members who believe that they are unlikely to be able to stay to the end of a debate should not seek to participate in it (and if the debate has a speakers' list, should remove their names from the list).
  • Time estimates are best endeavours: there is no certainty other than for formally time-limited business. It is the duty of individual members to observe the rules on attendance at debate (Companion 4.32) and, in particular, to ensure that they are present for the start of business in which they wish to take part.


Friday 27 November 2015


Estimated Rising Time:
Chamber: 7pm.

Statements:  Immediately after the formal motions Baroness Stowell of Beeston will repeat a statement entitled ‘Response to FAC report on Syria’.

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