Forthcoming Business

Forthcoming Business for the period commencing 13 February 2019 can be downloaded by clicking here.  

Forthcoming Business advertises the business which the Government anticipates the House will
take in the coming three weeks. It should be read together with the formal Order Paper produced by the Clerk of the Parliaments available from the Printed Paper Office and

Timings in italics are estimates only: business may take more or less time than that estimated. Other times are maximums: business may take less time than the maximum.

Items marked ‡ are expected to be taken during the dinner or lunch break. This usually starts at
around 7.30pm or 1.30pm but may start earlier or later.

The advertised business on any day may be interrupted for a Ministerial statement.

The number of sessions shown for a stage of a bill represents the Government’s assessment of
reasonable time given the balance of bills and remaining days to the likely end of the session.
†indicates agreement in the Usual Channels as to that assessment. Progress remains in the hands of the House. Report stage is usually half the length of Committee.


Monday 18 February 2019



Estimated Rising Time:

The House is expected to rise at 9.00pm


Urgent Question Repeats

Immediately after the second motion in the name of Lord Ashton of Hyde Baroness Barran will repeat an answer to an Urgent Question on U.K. nationals returning from Syria; followed by 10 minutes of Q and A.


Followed by Baroness Sugg repeating an answer to an Urgent Question on Flybmi going into administration; followed by 10 minutes of Q and A.